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Trump, Views on President Proud/Embarrassed
Border Wall With Mexico Support/Oppose
Momentum Voter Yes
Ban on Muslims Entering U.S. Support/Oppose
Rideshare User Yes
Right To Work Laws Support/Oppose
Black Lives Matter Views Support/Oppose
Transgender Bathroom Use Allow/Prohibit
Pathway to Citizenship for Undocumented Immigrants Support/Oppose


Citizens United Supreme Court Decision Support/Oppose
Federal Educational Common Core Requirements Support/Oppose
School Funding Should be Increased/Should be Decreased
Social Security Tax Support Tax Increase/Oppose
Union Support Support/Oppose
Military Intervention Support/Oppose
School Choice Support/Oppose
Marijuana Legalization Support/Oppose
Gay Marriage Support Support/Oppose
Minimum Wage Support Increase/Oppose
Gun Laws Gun Control/Gun Rights
International Humanitarian Intervention Support/Oppose
Environment More Protection/Less Regulation
Climate Change Believer/Non-believer
Fracking Support/Oppose
Government Bailouts Oppose
Abortion Pro-choice/Pro-life


Party Identification Democrat/Republican
Party Primary Participation Democrat/Republican
Ticket Splitter Yes
Social Media User Yes
Fiscal Ideology Liberal/Conservative
Social Ideology Liberal/Conservative
Ballot Drop-off Voter Most likely
Church Attendance Frequent attendee
Turnout Most likely

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