Bring Big Data to your Fundraising Operation

Optimize your Donor Base with Analytics

Whether you are a national or local organization, charity, campaign or nonprofit, your fundraising can benefit from the same big data technology that we have used to help major candidates such as Bernie Sanders target donors.

Let us help you better understand:

  • Donor Acquisition
  • High, Medium & Low-Dollar Donors
  • Optimizing the Ask
  • Current, Lapsed & Inactive Donors
  • Predicting when Donors will give (annually, event based, news based)
  • Activists, Donors & Multimodal Supporters
  • Current, Lapsed & Inactive Activists
  • Volunteers vs. Attendees
  • A/B Testing – Best Messages, Best Ask, Best Timing, etc.
  • The Channels to reach your Donor — Direct Appeals, Direct Mail, Email,
    Facebook, Digital, Telemarketing and Social Media

Our Results From a Gubernatorial Fundraising Campaign

Haystaq Donor Scores
This chart evaluates the ability of a Haystaq donor score to predict future donations to a gubernatorial campaign. None of these donations were used in the development of the donor score. The chart shows that the 10 percent of people with the highest scores were much more likely to donate and donated much more that people with lower scores. The donations in the chart above were collected in the 2 weeks following the completion of the score.

Expand your Fundraising with Haystaq

Our approach lets you maximize the contributions of current donors and find new prospects for first time donations. We start by taking a comprehensive look at current and past donors (both small-dollar and major donors), using any and all data you have to learn as much as possible. Next, we take that knowledge and build predictive microtargeting models to find new donor prospects. Finally, the predictive models are continually evaluated and adjusted based on actual results.

Phase one – Know your donors

Phase Two – Donor Acquisition

Phase Three – Expanding your Donor Universe

Working with you to understand your data

Of course it is not enough to just deliver lists or simply augment your CRM data. We want you to be able to understand the results so our projects always include easy to understand summary reports and visualizations.

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