Analytic Services and Big Data Consulting for everyone

From Startups to Fortune 500 Companies

We can help your company with everything from finding new lookalike consumers for customer acquisition/conquesting, to getting across your PR message to the right consumers or voters, to brand tracking, to using analytics for segmentation and customer research. We can help visualize all our data findings and deliver those insights directly to your marketing department.

Experience in Multiple Industries

In addition to our work in the auto industry (which can be found at AutoHQ and Custom Auto Consulting), Haystaq has worked in a number of other sectors. See a sampling of our work below:

Health Insurance

Haystaq helped find likely enrollees for one insurance company entering the initial ACA marketplace. Haystaq helped another company optimize Medicaid re-enrollment contact strategies to reduce churn.

Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Haystaq helped a major big box retailer find the right audience, set an attitudinal baseline via a survey and A/B test a PR advertisement using addressable TV and then measure the lift after ad deployment with a follow up survey. The test was able to prove the viability of the message. For a CPG company, we found the most likely audience to redeem a rebate offer to create a temporary spike in sales with a select retailer in targeted areas.


Haystaq helped a university that offers online advanced degrees find and message to likely future enrollees. The rate of students who applied to the university after being targeted from Haystaq’s list was more than double the rate of the industry standard targeting.


Haystaq helped build audiences for new cable and network TV shows, tap into new demographics for established TV shows, launch movies, and generate excitement for the new seasons of a long-running popular series.

Professional Sports

Haystaq helped a professional football team find lookalike fans by ingesting the team’s CRM and analyzing its existing customers against a commercial file. The new prospective fans were targeted and the program provided a lift to both season ticket sales and enrollment in the fan club.


Haystaq has developed a method to analyze rooftops to find current solar owners and use that data to model consumers most likely to adopt solar and other green technologies. You can read more about our Solar project here.


Haystaq is working with a startup to use commercial data to predict juror attitudes towards plaintiffs, defendants and award size during the jury selection or voir dire process. Visit JuryMapping for more information.