Leverage Big Data in the Automotive World

Are you ready to step into a new world of marketing campaigns using automotive big data? Use Haystaq to act as or supplement your in-house data analytics team — boost your marketing campaigns and improve everything from customer loyalty to customer acquisition. Haystaq data analysts can help your organisation be smarter when it comes to how you spend your advertising money and predict who your next customer will be.

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Read our white paper on how AutoHQ models improved conquesting for a major, luxury OEM.

Haystaq is more than just a Automotive Sales List Provider

We can work with your marketing department and analytics team and deliver to you the complete package — from conquesting lists, to maps of targets, to sales matchbacks, to help using the data coming back to you from connected cars. We can help improve event attendance, A/B test lift from incentive offers, predict which existing customers are most likely to switch to a competitive brand, or predict which advertising channel or combination of channels will work best for each individual customer. We can work with you to create visualizations of all these results, that your marketing department can quickly understand and leverage.

Reach the same target Customers Across Multiple Advertising Channels

Haystaq can help you build the campaign that meets your needs whether it’s national or regional, digital, direct mail, email or addressable TV.