Redistricting, mapping and consulting services

Your dedication to getting the job done and willingness to be flexible resulted in the Commission being able to develop Congressional and Legislative maps. In my view the Commission could have not retained a better firm to assist them.

Ray Bladine – Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission Executive Director

With over three decades of redistricting experience, Haystaq and its sister company Strategic Telemetry has helped Independent Commissions, advocacy organizations, law firms, and others to create fair and lasting maps.

Three Cycles of Experience

In 2010 we served as the mapping consultants to the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission, helping the AIRC to create the first set of maps in Arizona’s history to receive DOJ preclearance on the first try. Additionally, the commission’s congressional and legislative maps will remain unchanged for the full ten-year cycle between censuses.
We worked closely with Fair Districts Now in 2010 and 2011 to fight gerrymandering and redraw some of the illegal districts in the maps created by the Florida legislature.
Haystaq and Strategic Telemetry’s founder, Ken Strasma served as the liaison between the National Committee for an Effective Congress and the Democratic National Committee’s congressional and state legislative redistricting offices in 2000 and 2001. Ken lead a large staff of data analysts and map drawers, and drew maps himself in approximately 30 states.
In 19901991, Ken was the lead statistician for the Wisconsin Assembly Democratic Caucus’s redistricting operation.

Technical Expertise

  • Tens of thousands of maps created using technologies such as: Maptitude, Esri, ArcGIS, Maptitude Online Redistricting, Google Maps, Google Earth, Mapbox, QGIS, Tableau (.shp, .map, .kmz, .kml, .doj, block equivalency files, etc.)
  • Congressional, state senate, state assembly/house, county, precinct, school district maps
  • Expertise in plan evaluation methodology: measures of compactness (Reock, Polsby-Popper, Convex Hull, Perimeter, etc.), county and community splits, Communities of Interest, competitiveness (partisan voter makeup), racial and ethnic demographic makeup (Voting Age Population (VAP), CVAP, etc.)
  • Extensive Experience obtaining, organizing and utilizing Census PL 94-171 data, Tiger data, Census ACS data, Precinct level election results, and state voter file data (census block, census tract, census block group, etc.)
  • Racial bloc voting analysis
  • Voting Rights Act: Sections 2 and 5, Department of Justice Preclearance
  • Census Reapportionment and Redistricting