Let Microtargeting give you the best conquest auto targets

The global automotive business is a competitive world, and you need the right partner to bring new customers to your car lines. Let us help you find the right prospective targets, at the right time, and help you talk to them in the right way.

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Read our white paper on how AutoHQ models improved conquesting for a major, luxury OEM.

More than just Automotive List Buying

While you can simply buy sales lead lists from us (CONTACT US, to give our lists a try), Haystaq’s world class user interface, the Automotive Microtargeting Engine (AME) allows you to take customer prospecting to the next level.

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Different plans for different needs

AutoHQ, HaystaqDNA’s automotive solution, supports the automotive industry at every tier, from local dealers to global OEMs. In order to offer the right service at the right price, AutoHQ AME interface is available at three levels:

Custom Look-alike CRM Models*
Custom Garage Models
Segment Based Models§
“In-Market” Indicators
Integration of your Dealer Maps
Basic Demographic Filters
Basic Lifestyle Models
Custom Lifestyle/Social Models
* Created using your CRM Data
† Created using competitive vehicle ownership (garage) data
‡ placeholder models while custom models are developed
§ AutoHQ segment models based on competitive vehicle ownership (garage) data
‖ Based on Haystaq Survey Research

At the moment AutoHQ solutions are available in the US, but we have worked successfully in Europe and other regions. Does AutoHQ AME sound interesting, but not quite right for your needs? We also offer custom Automotive analytics services.