Voter interest is high heading into tomorrow's run-off election in Mississippi. Haystaq will be posting excerpts from original public opinion research conducted between June 21 and June 23 through Election Day, and analyzing the election returns as soon as the polls close.

Voter IdeologyAlthough we’re still crunching the numbers from this weekend’s surveys, a few interesting observations stand out:

  • More than 50% of Mississippi voters described themselves as conservative or Tea Party Republicans, compared to only 24% who described themselves as Moderate Republicans.
  • McDaniel voters are much more likely than Cochran voters to say that they want to send a message with their vote as opposed to just voting for their candidate of choice.
  • Voters are fairly evenly split about whether they want a senator who can reach across the aisle and break gridlock or one who will stand firm on political principles.
  •  Voters are also split on whether Cochran’s long tenure in the Senate is an asset or a liability.
  • And, finally, more than 75% of Mississippi voters say that they have paid some or a great deal of attention to news coverage of Eric Cantor’s surprise loss in VA.


Ken Strasma is CEO and Co-founder of HaystaqDNA