Most people who supported Sanders in the primary will be with Clinton if they vote in November. However, our models show that there are more than 16 million Sanders supporters who lean toward Clinton but are less than 50% likely to vote. This highlights the importance of having Senator Sanders on the campaign trail, and of talking to these voters about the issues that matter to them.

Haystaq has built national models predicting voters’ attitudes about 60+ different issues. These are based on large-sample phone surveys and are applied to all 200 million voters nationwide.

We’ve analyzed our national issue models and found that these are the top issue scores among the group of Bernie supporters less likely to turn out for Clinton this fall

  • Support for marriage equality
  • Support for marijuana legalization
  • Environmental issues including support for renewable energy, opposition to fracking, and belief in human-caused climate change
  • Pro-Choice
  • Support for raising the minimum wage

They are also strongly against some of Trump’s signature policies such as a ban on Muslim immigration and a wall between the US and Mexico.

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See our full list of issue models.