Let Microtargeting give you the best conquest targets

The global automotive business is a brutal world, and you need the right partner to help bring new customers to your brand. You need to find the right prospects, at the right time, and talk to them in the right way. Business as usual no longer works – and finding the ideal partner to help you break through is vital.

HaystaqDNA, pioneers in the field of Microtargeting, can help you move your business into high gear. Our proprietary predictive modeling ensures that you only talk to the best possible customers. All of our modeling is done at an individual level, ensuring that you only spend your marketing dollars on the right prospect.

By combining the best in consumer demographic and psychographic analysis with extensive automotive ownership data, HaystaqDNA determines what customers will buy next, not just what they have bought in the past. We look at over 1,200 individual attributes (demographic, lifestyle, financial, etc.) that make up each profile in our database.

Beyond the quality of our predictive models, HaystaqDNA has developed a world class user interface, the “Automotive Microtargeting Engine.” This allows users to see where their targets are – all the way down to the household level. From here you can select targets from a selection of zip codes, major metro markets, or within a defined distance from a single point (a dealership, an event location, anything.)

Once this list of prospects is generated, they can be targeted via email, direct mail, social media, digital, even addressable TV. Because you know the actual identities you are assured that all of your outreach is getting to the right target.

AutoHQ, HaystaqDNA’s automotive solution, supports the automotive industry at every tier, from local dealers to global OEMs.

In order to offer the right service at the right price, AutoHQ is available at three levels:


Fully bespoke solution – completely customized models based on CRM data, original research, and extensive proprietary modeling. Comes with ongoing support, a customized user interface, and regular updates to models.


Custom models, based on ownership data – combining brand affinity with competitive segment models to deliver highly targeted prospect lists.


Automotive Segment models, which give the broadest reach – the perfect solution for finding top prospects in a local market.


At the moment AutoHQ solutions are available in the US, but we have worked successfully in Europe as well.